Lunar Infusions was born because so many people asked to buy my quality home-brewed kombucha over what was available at the store (and where I lived in Arcata, California, there were a lot of brands to choose from!).

So, why would I change what started the business in the first place?

At Lunar Infusions, our number one goal is to provide the highest quality kombucha available in the midwest. We brew with all organic ingredients and source them locally as much as possible. Our traditional kombucha is fermented with organic evaporated cane sugar, never GMO! We brew everything in small batches, which preserves the nutritional integrity and creates optimal flavor. We use mineralized reverse osmosis water instead of municipal tap water. Overall, we pay close attention to the details, so you can taste and feel the difference!

As the owner and brewmaster, my goal is not to simply flavor the kombucha, it is to create herbal formulated kombucha. Although the flavor is very important, each herb is chosen for its medicinal qualities, safety, and synergistic effect to make an already healthy beverage into a true elixir. Every batch is made lovingly, with intention. The purpose of Lunar Infusions is to create something beautiful, enjoyable, and healthy for my community and to use our kombucha as a tool to support a healthy lifestyle.



I have always been interested in natural health and when I first tried the kombucha in 2010, I immediately fell in love. I was at the beginning of a road trip leading to my summer job in Alaska, so it got filed away into the bank of things I wanted to learn more about in the future. I was a free spirit for the next 4 years living and working in different national parks and traveling. Over that time, I became quite interested in fermented foods, and I knew that when I settled down, I was going to experiment with brewing my own kombucha.

In 2014, I finally decided live in one place for a while. I moved to a beautiful coastal town near the epic Redwood Forests, Arcata, California. Right away, I found a SCOBY (kombucha culture) and taught myself how to brew. I quickly found I had a knack for fermentation and brewing kombucha came quite naturally.  I experimented with all sorts of herbs, flowers, and superfoods.  I also loved to infuse my tea and herbs under the moonlight to capture some of the soft, creative energy of the night (or as an herbalist would call it, create a ‘lunar infusion’) I know, I am kind of a hippie… but that is where the name comes from!  Anyway, as I shared my kombucha with practically anyone who would try, people started asking if they could buy it from me. It got to the point where there were jars of fermenting kombucha all over my tiny apartment and eventually I couldn’t keep up with the demand! I wanted to make it a legitimate business but life took a turn when I met the love of my life while visiting family here in Indiana. So, I moved to Indiana in January 2017 and I decided to keep creating my health tonics.



People like it here just like in they did in California, so my dreams of making Lunar Infusions a business have come true! I am so happy to be able to put my passion and creativity into something that is truly beneficial for people. I use only the highest quality herbs, fruits, and teas. I make everything in small batches and put a lot of love and attention into each batch.  I have done a lot of research and experimentation and continue to learn as much as possible about health and healing and all things kombucha.

It is a dream come true to serve you with the very best. 

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