We started out as a kombucha company and although we have expanded our product line, kombucha is still our main focus! Kombucha is a healthy, low sugar drink option. We add a variety of herbs, fruits, and superfoods to our flavors to give this sophisticated and refreshing beverage added health benefits. We use all organic or local ingredients! One batch can take 30-40 days fermenting so it is quite the process! We put in a lot of effort to deliver a superior product by using the best ingredients and never cutting corners and sacrificing quality. 


We are making small batch raw fermented (living) foods. They are living because we do not pasteurize after fermentation meaning the probiotics, or living beneficial bacteria are present and active. Probiotics and healthy acids are beneficial for our gut microbiome in the same way that kombucha is. We offer several varieties of sauerkraut, hot sauce, and herbal infused vinegar to add tons of flavor and health benefits to your meal!


Our herbal extracts offer therapeutic doses of medicinal herbs. Advantages of taking tinctures over teas and capsules: they are efficiently absorbed into the body and effects are felt quickly! Currently, we have four formulas.

Sleep Aid – helps calm the nervous system and ease an over active mind to help you drift into a good night’s rest.

Immune Boost – formulated with adaptogens to help prevent sickness and recover from illness and life stressors! 

Brain Tonic – helps to increase memory and decrease brain fog for overall healthy brain function

Kava – mood boosting stress relief. It’s like having a glass of wine without the inebriation. I call it my attitude adjuster!